9 May

Ta-ta for now


Toon In has been silent for the past couple of weeks, and perhaps for good reason. Finals of my last year of college are coming to an end, and I have been busy preparing for graduation, a new job, and a new home.

While being in university has afforded me the time to experience and analyze new cartoons every week, the task no longer feels feasible as I prepare to move on with my degree. As such, Toon In is entering a hiatus; whether this pause is temporary, long term, or indefinite, I cannot, at this moment, be certain.

Nevertheless, the website will remain for years to come, and should you be inspired to write your own analysis of a cartoon (past, present, or future), please do not hesitate to send it to toonin2it@gmail.com so that I may publish it here. I will still monitor that address, and I will always, always encourage your critical thinking and media analysis.

Until further notice, this blog will not be updated regularly, but you may continue to read the content that has already been posted.

Thank you so much for reading Toon In. Ta-ta for now.